Making the World

a sweeter place,

one jar at a time.

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owners of velvet bees honey

Family Owned & Operated Since 2011

When we started making Velvet Bees Honey Butter in the summer of 2011, it became clear that our mission was going to be not only fun, but easy! We love watching the faces of folks trying our honey butter the first time, because we know their life just became a bit sweeter.


Being a family-owned and operated business means we’re able to offer a superior product, hand-crafted in small batches, as well as the personal service you deserve! Our honey butter is made with just five ingredients. And each one is easy to spell and pronounce!

Simply Delicious

Try Velvet Bees Honey Butter on all your favorites – toast, pancakes, popovers, fruits, vegetables, desserts & cheeses.

Five Simple Ingredients

While flipping through a dusty old cookbook, this magical recipe was discovered. The velvety texture and addictive taste comes from just five simple ingredients and a unique process.

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ride a wave of nostalgia back to childhood &

bring a smile to your face.

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